Performance Materials

Our Performance Materials segment manufactures and markets dynamic chemistry solutions that are used in the electronics, automotive and oil and gas production and drilling industries. We operate in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Our products include surface and coating materials and water-based hydraulic control fluids


Enviralloy NiSpeedIn this industry, our dynamic chemistries are used for finishing, cleaning and providing surface coatings for a broad range of metal and non-metal surfaces.

These coatings may have functional uses, such as improving wear and tear or providing corrosion resistance for appliance parts, or decorative uses, such as providing gloss finishes to components used in automotive interiors.

MacDermid manufactures more than 1,000 chemical compounds for these surface coating applications, including cleaning, activating, polishing, electro and electroless plating, phosphating, stripping and coating, anti-tarnishing and rust inhibiting for metal and plastic surfaces.

Electroless plating is a method of plating metals on to a variety of base materials using chemical reduction without the application of electrical power. Electroplating, in contrast, involves plating metals with the use of an electrical current. Phosphating is the application of phosphates, such as iron and zinc, to prevent corrosion of steel surfaces.

Our industrial customer base is highly fragmented and includes customers in the following end markets: