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new product tripass elv 5500

tripass elv systems #1 worldwide

 Trivalent Passivate

TriPass ELV 5500 represents a breakthrough in black trivalent chromium passivation. 

Recommended for both acid zinc and alkaline zinc-iron. It provides excellent corrosion and scratch resistance.


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MacDermid TriPass ELV passivation systems comprise the complete range of hexavalent chromium-free products. Available in black, blue and iridescent, the range includes our latest cobalt-free passivates.

Extremely resistant to thermal shock, TriPass ELV passivates form an important layer in the ZinKlad automotive hexavalent chromium-free coatings systems.

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The #1 trivalent chromium Passivation Systems. Worldwide.

MacDermid TriPass ELV Systems comprise the complete range of hexavalent chromium-free passivation systems. Available worldwide they meet all existing zinc and zinc alloy trivalent passivate requirements. Extremely resistant to thermal shock, TriPass ELV passivates form an important layer in the ZinKlad automotive hexavalent chromium-free coatings systems.




Latest cobalt-free and hexavalent-chromium free passivation systems

Driven by REACH, several industries have started looking for alternative technologies free from cobalt salts. To meet these needs, MacDermid have introduced TriPass ELV 7000 cobalt-free passivation systems. Benefits of TriPass ELV 7000 series passivates include:

  • Additives are free of Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic compounds (CMR-Free)
  • Solution free from hexavalent chromium and cobalt (SVHC-free)
  • Compliant with ELV, RoHS, WEEE directives
  • Inhibitor content can be analyzed in the film


Tripass ELV 7000  passivation                                                              

Cobalt Free PassivationTriPass ELV 7000 is a cobalt-free passivate baed on trivalent chromium and colloidal silicate. This trivalent passivate is both CMR and SVHC-free. It has been developed to protect zinc and zinc-iron coatings. TriPass ELV 7000 passivation coatings have good scratch resistance.

A particular feature of the TriPass ELV 7000 trivalent passivate film is that the new corrosion inhibitor, which replaces cobalt, can be analyzed (in the deposit). The link between the inhibitor content and corrosion protection means that ensuring the optimum content in the film will aid quality control.


Tripass ELV 7100 passivation

TriPass ELV 7100 cobalt-free passivation produces an attractive, homogenous black trivalent chromium passivate film on zinc-nickel deposits which gives, when used with an approved topcoat, excellent corrosion resistance even after heat treatment.




Tripass ELV 7500 passivation

TriPass ELV 7500 cobalt-free passivation produces a blue film and over zinc-nickel deposits which gives excellent corrosion resistance even after heating treatment.  TriPass ELV 7500 can be applied on zinc and zinc-iron coatings enhancing corrosion performance by application of an approved top coat.                                                                        



TriPass meeting all automotive requirements

Cobalt Free PassivationOur trivalent passivate TriPass ELV passivation systems meet all ELV Directives through their use of trivalent chromium and pass all automotive industry test requirements, including GM 3034. The perfect drop-in replacement for older hexavalent chromium based chromates, they have all been rigorously tested and used in some of the world’s largest, full scale industrial conditions. They meet the highest specifications from required by both applicators and end users. TriPass ELV passivation systems are the high performance alternatives to hexavalent chromium that not only reduce “white rust” but also deliver exceptional cosmetic appearance.



Key passivation Features
  • Extremely resistant to thermal shock
  • Production proven at the world’s largest automotive surface finishers
  • Superior corrosion protection and film uniformity
  • All from one global supplier
  • Part of the ZinKlad coatings systems