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Table of ZinKlad performance and technical data sheets

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ZinKlad LevelOverview
Brochure ZinKlad coatings have provided hexavalent free coatings for automotive applications for over 10 years now. In that time, the ZinKlad program has enabled many global OEM’s to specify higher standards than they had previously achieved.
72 ZinKlad 72 is a unique approach to achieve both high quality and consistency for the phosphating of automotive fasteners. Heavy weight zinc - for corrosion resistant finishes with modified coefficient of friction. Micro-crystalline zinc as an undercoat for subsequent organic finishes. Manganese for wear resistance
96 ZinKlad 96 is a versatile coating used as either a ‘chrome like’ corrosion resistant finish or to provide adhesion for organic paint coatings. ZinKlad 96 meets specifications from automotive manufacturers including GM, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and VW-Audi.
240 ZinKlad 240 hexavalent chromium-free coating specifically developed for presswork and tubes.
Brake 240 ZinKlad Brake 240 is a clear hexavalent chromium and cobalt-free coating, specifically developed to meet the automotive requirements for corrosion resistance on brake castings and assemblies
250 ZinKlad 250 was the original hexavalent chromium-free finish to be specified by automotive manufacturers such as Ford, GM and VW-Audi.
250 M The benefit of using ZinKlad 250 M is the zinc rich coating is free of hydrogen embrittlement according to ASTM B695.
500 ZinKlad 500 is a hexavalent chromium-free with a deposit hardness above 200 HVN which meets today’s requirements for coatings which comply with REACH and SVHC directives.


ZinKlad 1000 is specified by global automotive manufacturers including Chrysler-FIAT, Ford, GM, PSA,Renault and VW-Audi.

Brake 1000

ZinKlad Brake 1000 is the low thickness / high performance coating for automotive cast iron calipers and assemblies.

1000 B

ZinKlad 1000 B the high performance black coating for automotive applications. Hexavalent chromium-free for exterior, self-thread cutting fasteners and steel pressings.


ZinKlad MG / MGL finishes are specifically designed to prevent galvanic ‘contact’ corrosion between dissimilar metals such as steel and aluminum / magnesium. Specified by VW-Audi and Chrysler.


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