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ZinKlad brochureZinKlad MG & MGL

High performance zinc plate, trivalent passivate and topcoat



ZinKlad MG / MGLZinKlad MG / MGL chromium-free coatings are designed to provide outstanding corrosion performance and minimize galvanic corrosion at the light metal interface.

They combine an homogenous metallic zinc deposit of 12 to 30 microns thickness, with a high build iridescent passivate and clear topcoat.

  • ZinKlad MG utilizes a unique sealer/topcoat capable of producing an insulating layer between the two dissimilar metals.
  • ZinKlad MGL offers the same corrosion performance and galvanic protection, whilst incorporating an integral lubricant into the finish,
    (COF of 0.09 – 0.14 per VDA 235 – 101 ).


Advantages of ZinKlad MG / MGL

  • Reduce galvanic corrosion
  • Production proven in excess of 10 years
  • Exceptional Resistance to Corrosion Products
  • Global Availability


ThicknessFirst White RustFirst Red Rust
8 Microns 192 Hours 600 Hours

"part geometry, substrate quality and post plate handling can have an effect on finish performance"


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