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Zinklad Speaker

ZinKlad Speaker HQS and UQSare high performance finishes, hexavalent chromium-free coatings. they are specifically designed to resist white rust in high temperature / high humidity testing. Both coatings are fully compliant with both ELV and REACH regulations.

As the quality of audio systems in vehicles improves, the speakers are manufactured to ever tighter tolerances.

To help ensure no corrosion products can affect these tighter tolerances, the coating must remain without white corrosion during the speakers operating life.

Both ZinKlad HQS and ZinKlad UQS deliver this and are a base for the excellent adhesion for subsequent glue coatings.


Performance LevelFirst White CorrosionPlating SystemPassivation
ZinKlad HQS 400 hours Envirozin 100 (zinc) TriPass ELV 1500 LT
ZinKlad UQS 1000 hours Enviralloy Ni 12-15 (zinc-nickel) TriPass 3000 G

"part geometry, substrate quality and post plate handling can have an effect on finish performance"