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Mac Dermid Industrial Solutions
ZinKlad enables automotive manufacturers in all regions of the world to specify higher standards than they achieved with previous, hexavalent chromium-based coatings.

The ZinKlad quality assurance program tackles the challenges for high performance automotive coatings of the future. Specifiers can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide.

This exceptionally successful licensed anti-corrosion program has a select number of world class applicators. These have been carefully chosen to deliver the highest standards in the plating industry for automotive specifications.
ZinKlad on the Move...   ZinKlad OEM Updates
  ZinKlad welcomes
As Global Director for ZinKlad, I am delighted to personally send you our latest newsletter. This outlines the latest updates and technologies from the ZinKlad program.

Our integrated global program to monitor and validate all audit, inspection and test data in an 'on demand' system is already demonstrating improved consistency. This reinforces our 'think Global, act local' philosophy.

Following the acquisition of Enthone by our mother company Platform Specialty Products, our Global Product Management team are currently harmonizing our best in class products.

This will further benefit the ZinKlad product portfolio by adding market leading technologies. For example, ZinKlad Brake applicators now have access to Zincrolyte acid zinc-nickel systems.

Additionally, we are moving forward with new business processes such as enGage, new ZinKlad standards, Six Sigma and Plating Academy sessions to increase effectiveness within our applicator base.

Finally, demand is leading us into other industries such as building, trucks, farming and the motor cycle industry. They too see the value in our unmatched worldwide applicator base.

ZinKlad Auditors

Global ZinKlad Auditor Training Seminar 2017

Get in touch with our team to discuss our latest ZinKlad program updates or any special requirements.

Lammert de Boer
Global Director - ZinKlad

  Chassis Brakes International
MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solution has been certified by Chassis Brakes international as a Globally Approved Supplier. Our ZinKlad Brake program was one of the most important factors in achieving this approval.

CBI Purchasing Department explained:
“CBIs goal is to get high quality plating performance results for our brakes casting parts to meet our final customers’ requirements and expectations. To match this goal, we need to have excellent chemistry fitting the customers’ requirements and high quality processes at plating subcontractor.

"It is part of our strategy to achieve this high-quality product and process performance through collaboration support from the chemical supplier with the job plater and CBI. This support from MacDermid Enthone can be provided through the ZinKlad Brake program.”


Global support of MacDermid Enthone and our ZinKlad applicators continues to focus on material handling improvements. Softer handling techniques support greater consistency in meeting or exceeding corrosion resistant expectations of S437 as found in WX100.

MacDermid Enthone is delighted to announce the formal approval by General Motors for ZinKlad 750 - Enviralloy Sn/Zn.
This specification, GMW 3200, is for tin-zinc electroplate on steel substrates mating to aluminum, steel and cast iron and is intended for grounding purposes.


GMW3044 Zn Black approval with ZinKlad 250 was completed in March and includes passing the CQI-11 audit, sample testing and the final approval packet. This is an applicator-based approval and again demonstrates our market led program initiatives.

MAN Trucks in Munich has shown interest in the ZinKlad program. Our global presence data matching would help MAN to further improve its worldwide coatings programs.

We have added new ZinKlad MG/MGL applicators to meet Audi specification TL 194. These are Fintex LLC (USA), Kunshan Grand Champion (China) and Spring Profit (Taiwan). 


Leading European Fastener Supplier Approves ZinKlad 72
Nedschroef, Altena, Germany, a leading European fastener manufacturer, has approved and specified our ZinKlad 72 for BROSE parts. The parts will be treated at our customer in Brunnert Germany.

Nedschroef and BROSE require a microcrystalline phosphate and KeyKote 514 zinc calcium phosphate proved to be the right solution. It is supplemented by the corrosion inhibitor KeyKote 168. This light to medium weight zinc calcium phosphate coating provides a corrosion resistant base for organic coatings.

The initial audit at Brunnert was successfully performed by the ZinKlad team, Mark Baker and Laurens Wessels in cooperation with local staff and the Metallurgy Director, Stefan Lenzer. The next step is to fully approve Brunnert for ZinKlad 72.



ZinKlad Business Management System (BMS) Meets ISO 9001
In March 2017, we created a brand new ‘digital handbook’ for the ZinKlad system. We call it a ‘Business Management System’ (BMS) because it clearly describes how our business processes are organized and linked together. It also clarifies how;
  • The global to local responsibilities are set in the organization using the RASCI method
  • To comply with the new ISO 9001:2015 standard
ZinKlad commercial

ZinKlad BMS was developed to clarify the processes required to meet our business strategy and OEM requirements. It defines the primary, management, supporting and improvement processes and how they are interconnected. We employ the RASCI model to describe each process and clearly define responsibilities of all people concerned.

This project was managed in close cooperation with RASCI Method, which helps to describe processes and responsibilities in a succinct way, to comply with management standards such as ISO 9001.


Lammert de Boer, Global Director of the ZinKlad program explains with RASCI, we are not only able to clearly state who is responsible for each activity, but also how we need to work together in the most effective way to meet our supply chain requirements".


New Business Processes Complement the ZinKlad Program

The MacDermid Enthone Plating Academy is central to our training program for OEMs, Tier 1s, employees and customers. Providing a forum to impart technical knowledge, in the last six months alone more than 50 training sessions were successfully completed worldwide. Some 50% of these events were focused on the ZinKlad program.

Software which enables total process monitoring of plating operations so that consistency, efficiency and best practices are maintained at the highest levels. enGage, co-developed by MacDermid Enthone and TrueLogic, provides a full line, integrated approach to quality assurance.

We currently have more than 20 enGage users worldwide. These users optimize their process performance by creating personalized dashboards that provide customized data views and automated tracking. The result is improved communication and data sharing that enhances profitability by lowering chemical use and minimizing waste, while simultaneously increasing transparency and accountability.


Six Sigma
Our Customer Value Six Sigma process for the ZinKlad program is supported by field experienced certified Six Sigma members who are committed to an integrated partnership approach that addresses business challenges.

Driven by Six Sigma, our highly skilled TechXpert engineers are Black Belt trained and provide applicators with our process knowledge, global application centers and comprehensive technical training programs. TechXpert is our pledge to deliver the best technical applications expertise with every technology.


Implementing Best In Class Technology to ZinKlad Brake 1000

ZINCROLYTE KCl-Ni is the core process in the ZinKlad Brake 1000 program for high quality zinc-nickel finishes on cast iron brake components.

ZINCROLYTE KCl-Ni started more than 10 years ago as a production process in large Tier1 plating lines. While the process is still running to full customer satisfaction in important brake finishing lines, continuous improvement brought up a fourth version, ZINCROLYTE KCl-Ni IV, which immediately became an essential element in our brake finishing process line due to its improved plating distribution and coverage.

Development continues and release V of this successful zinc-nickel process is about to enter  the ZinKlad 1000 Brake process family.

Torque N Tension  

ZINCROLYTE KCl-Ni V brings important developments for the plating quality by further improving the nickel alloy consistency to unprecedented uniformity for an acid-based process. Additionally, better coating quality is obtained by a more deposit distribution, especially into shielded and recessed areas. In production, the new process is better suited to meet the most stringent standards for zinc-nickel based brake finishes.



Leading The Industry In Friction Control For More Than 40 Years


Every MacDermid Enthone top coat system is tested extensively to the most demanding industrial specifications, resulting in exceptional performance for all anti-corrosion applications. Being water-based and solvent-free, they are all environmentally compliant.

Our market leading Torque'N'Tension dry film lubricants offer not only exceptionally reproducible coefficient of friction (corroborated by independent A2LA accredited laboratories), but are easy to use and safe to handle.

Torque N Tension

As the established Global leader in torque-control additives, MacDermid Enthone Torque'N'Tension products are trusted by engineers worldwide to predict the tightening characteristics of a wide range of finishes.

As a valued partner to the automotive industry, our lubricants are used on millions of fasteners and joints every week, and most have the added benefits of enhancing corrosion resistance of trivalent chromium-based passivates.

Key features

  • Environmentally compliant
  • Specified by OEM’s worldwide
  • Consistent and predictable coefficient of friction
  • Restricted sales and used by approved ZinKlad applicators only




Americas News

North America
Our Canadian applicator base continues to expand.  ZinKlad 1000 and 1000B approvals have been added to Torcad’s existing ZinKlad 250 approval.  Coatings 85 has been approved for ZinKlad 500, 500B, 1000 and 1000B (Rack) with approval also being pursued for ZinKlad 250 (Rack).

In the USA, several applicators are applying for approval with ZinKlad 1000 and 1000 B rack. Barrel applicators continue to grow their capacity into the automotive and adjacent markets.  At least two new barrel zinc nickel lines are scheduled for to start production in 2018, providing additional ZinKlad 1000 and 1000 B finishes.

ZinKlad has recently been added to a Paccar heavy truck print for the first time. The program has been rolled out and presented to its supporting supply chain. As well as development into the heavy truck industry, we are also in discussion with manufacturers of agricultural equipment. 

The applicator base in Brazil has been updated at the request of the OEM community. Metalfast has been added as a ZinKlad 96, 250 and MG/MGL applicator to meet the fastener finishing demands of a major USA-based manufacturer.  This complements our relationship with most of the key automotive fastener suppliers located in this region. One applicator has also been removed. 

One of the most important automotive fastener platers located in the São Paulo area has converted to MacDermid Enthone technology and is now in the process for approval to ZinKlad 250.

Asia News
Wuhu Qiangzhen (China) has become one of our newest ZinKlad applicators finishing to 250.  It is one of the first applicators to supply primarily the domestic Chinese OEMs. We also expect that it will also be approved to ZinKlad 1000 in the near future.

Right Tight (India), a ZinKlad 250 applicator, was recently approved for ZinKlad 1000 and 1000B and will soon begin the PPAP for a major USA-based OEM.

ChongQing JinHai, a ZinKlad 250 applicator – Name Change to ChongQing JinRui – They installed a zinc-nickel line and are now Zinklad 1000 and 1000B approved.

Spring Profit (Taiwan), has installed Enviralloy SnZn tin-zinc process with an objective to become our first ZinKlad 750 applicator.
European News

In Europe, we are seeing a growth in ZinKlad 1000 volumes as heavy truck and earth moving companies move from zinc-iron with hexavalent chromium based passivates, to zinc-nickel and trivalent chromium passivates for fasteners and pressed work.

JCB (U.K.) has approved ZinKlad 1000 for barrel and rack parts to ensure consistency in its trivalent chromium-based passivation coatings worldwide. In the next newsletter, we will be able to confirm several new ZinKlad applicators that are joining the programme to satisfy the increased demand on this.

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