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Q2 2012

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Mac Dermid Industrial Solutions
The ZinKlad quality assurance programme is taking on the challenges for high performance automotive coatings of the future.

Introduced 10 years ago, ZinKlad has enabled many global OEM's to specify higher standards than they achieved with previous, hexavalent chromium based coatings.
ZinKlad Program
New Applicators in 2012
  ZinKlad Program
New Specifications/Approvals



To date in 2012, MacDermid have added 7 new applicators to the ZinKlad program including in India and Mexico These new applicators, who all meet the ZinKlad audit standards, will replace 6 who no longer meet the performance criteria and have been removed.

The new applicators:
  • Acument - North America
  • Autocraft - China
  • ASNT - China
  • Bradley - Mexico
  • Lakshmi - India
  • Retsacoat - Portugal
  • Sundram - India
  Ford Approves ZinKlad for S450

New specification for Zinc-Nickel

Following extensive laboratory testing and field evaluation ZinKlad 1000 has been approved to meet Ford’s latest fastener specification S450 for zinc-nickel. The specification is for clear and black passivate and includes different top coats for various applications.

MacDermid and the ZinKlad applicators ready to support Ford worldwide with this new specification

Latest News from the Americas
As well as adding 2 new applicators to the existing list covering North and South America, GalvanoPlastia Rezende Ltda in Brazil has begun the process to receive ZinKlad approval. The current applicators offer all the ZinKlad performance levels which includes 250, 250 M, MG, MGL, ZBD, 500, 1000 and 1000 B. A major focus of the ZinKlad America's team this year has been to assist OEM's in improving the torque / tension characteristics of wheel nuts. The result of this program has been the introduction of a new product to our market leading range of Torque 'n' Tension control fluids, Torque 'n' Tension CWN


Latest News from Asia
To meet increasing demand from OEM's for high performance, hexavalent chromium free coatings the MacDermid China and India teams have been auditing and approving new applicators this year. As well as the new applicators outlined above, a further 2 are in the approval process; BoTai and  ChuangYuan. Applicators in Asia region curently offer ZinKlad 96, 250, 250 M, 1000 and 1000 B.


Latest News from Europe
There are now over 25 ZinKlad Approved Applicators in Europe. These applicators offer ZinKlad 250, 250 M, MG, MGL, 1000 and 1000 B. The 1000 / 1000 B applicators will have the opportunity to benefit from the recent Ford approval of these ZinKlad performance levels to their S450 specification for high performance surface coatings. To support this specification, MacDermid introduced TriPass ELV 5100 v2 trivalent black passivate. Finally the REACH reclassification of cobalt and boric acid salts will impact the surface finishing industry.


New Processes
Torque 'n' Tension CWN

Working closely with our strategic OEM, tier one and applicator partners,
MacDermid has developed and implemented this new topcoat specifically for alloy
plated wheel nuts. It’s unique formulation combines maximum corrosion
resistance with consistent torque properties, while eliminating problems with
thread fill.

Tripass ELV 5100(v2)

Black coatings have stood the test of time and are still a major influence for many automotive requirements, interior and exterior...

With many fasteners now requiring a decorative black coating, not only to blend with parts of the trim but also to offer good corrosion resistance on external and under bonnet applications. MacDermid have developed a new black passivate for zinc nickel (ZinKlad 1000B) the Tripass ELV 5100(v2).

Tripass ELV 5100(v2) offers:

For the applicator ….
A wider operating window for ease of use and longer life.

For the OEM ……
A good uniform black coating with a consistent corrosion performance.
Once the black has been applied, it is usual to further enhance the finish with one of MacDermids top coats or Torque modifiers. This will allow one coating to be suitable for a wide range of applications.


Legislation Update - REACH
New legislation governing the use of registration and use of chemical substances continues to drive technology development in Europe. With the reclassification of Cobalt salts and Boric acid, new process developments are underway that could eventually eliminate these materials from the supply chain.

New MacDermid OEM Team Members
ZinKlad is supported by the MacDermid OEM team to help the automotive industry select the best coating and find the right applicators.
Hui Hui Kiw - China
Cedric Vasseur - France
Rainer Lakner – Germany
Otfried Bertram - Germany
Claudio Travi - Italy
Joe Mitsuya - Japan               

Tony Kim - South Korea
Rafael Daniel – Spain
Lars Knutsson – Sweden
Mark Baker – U.K.
Aaron Pokowski – U.S.A.
Glen Breault - U.S.A.       
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