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Q2 2014

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Mac Dermid Industrial Solutions
ZinKlad enables automotive manufacturers in all regions of the world to specify higher standards than they achieved with previous, hexavalent chromium-based coatings.

The ZinKlad quality assurance program tackles the challenges for high performance automotive coatings of the future. Specifiers can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide.
ZinKlad Program
  ZinKlad Program
New Specifications...
ZinKlad welcomes   New ZinKlad Specifications
In 2014, MacDermid have added 2 new applicators to the ZinKlad program. Additionally we have added extra ZinKlad capacity to 9 existing applicators. 

2 applicators have been removed from the ZinKlad program for failing to meet the required standards.

New applicators:
China - Nantong Chayo, 96, 250, 1000, 1000B
USA - Tawas Plating, 240

Additional capacity:

Yuyao Wuxin           250 and 1000
Schirmer                 1000
Metal X                   96
Gilligans                  1000 and 1000 B
Electrolise Spain       250
Fintex                     MGL
Norm Turkey           MGL
Galol Spain              MGL
  ZinKlad MG / MGL chromium-free coatings are designed to provide outstanding corrosion performance and minimize galvanic corrosion at the light metal interface.

They combine an homogenous metallic zinc deposit of 12 to 30 microns thickness, with a high build iridescent passivate and clear topcoat.

ZinKlad MG utilizes a unique sealer/topcoat capable of producing an insulating layer between the two dissimilar metals.

ZinKlad MGL offers the same corrosion performance and galvanic protection, whilst incorporating an integral lubricant into the finish, (COF of 0.09 – 0.14 per VDA 235 – 101 ).

Latest News from the Americas
ZinKlad North America

Tawas plating (Michigan) have become our first ZinKlad 240 applicator in North America. This gives Tawas the ability to apply this rack zinc coating to meet GMW 3044 X.

In May we held a Fastener Finishing seminar in our New Hudson, Michigan facility. Over 70 representatives from 30 different leading major US automotive fastener and stamping companies.  The intent of the Summit was to educate application and quality engineers from the fastener industry on plating and adjacent industry related topics. Guest speakers included  Dave Miller, Product Manager for RS Technologies and Salim Brahimi, president of IBECA. These were supported by MacDermid experts in fastener finishing technology.



Latest News from Asia
ZinKlad ChinaChina - Nantong Chayo in Jiangsu province have been approved to ZinKlad 96, 250, 1000 and 1000B. This brings the total number of applicators to 23 in Asia / Pacific region, with 10 being in China. This number includes 9 processing lines for ZinKlad 250 and 6 for ZinKlad 1000 / 1000 B

This reflects the continued growth of automotive manufacturing in that country. Most global OEM's have requested ZinKlad capacity in China region to meet the demand of the burgeoning supply chain.

Additionally there is increased interest from Japanese automotive manufacturers for ZinKlad 96. This process has the advantage in offering excellent corrosion resistance without the use of hexavalent-chromium passivates and no topcoats. This combination makes it particularly suitable for their fastener finishes.

Latest News from Europe

ZinKlad MGLThe REACH regulation, implemented to control the use of chemicals minimizing risks for both health and environmental issues, regulates the use of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). Soluble cobalt salts, which are used in trivalent chromium-based passivates are subject to this authorization or restriction.

One major European OEM is actively testing the MacDermid 7000 series cobalt-free passivation to both meet their anti-corrosion specifications and the SVHC directive.

With the increased use of light metals in automotive fabrication, additional capacity has been added for the ZinKlad MG / MGL finishes. Holder (Germany), Norm (Turkey) and Galol (Spain) join Galfa, Leist and Whitesell in Germany in offering this finish. ZinKlad MG/MGL is specified by both VW-Audi and Chrysler.


New Processes
Torque 'N' Tension 12HydroKlad SI - High performance, multi-purpose sealer

HydroKlad SI is a clear, inorganic seal for use on electroplated, and mechanically plated zinc and zinc-alloys. On make-up the solution is completely chromium-free.

As HydroKlad SI does not contain polymers the resulting film has reduced droplets. The final result... a thin colorless film which increases
corrosion resistance and preserves the initial bright appearance of the coated surface.

HydroKlad SI forms part of the ZinKlad 240 process.

ZinKlad Corrosion Data
ZinKlad commercialWe have updated the ZinKlad corrosion resistance page. The updated page makes it easier to directly compare neutral salt spray resistance to ASTM B117 / ISO 9227.

The test standard environment is a stable 35oC chamber through which a 5% neutral salt spray fog is pumped. This corrosive fog will dissolve metal coatings like zinc, as well as finding defects and pores through which to attack the underlying substrate.


ZinKlad Technical Data Sheets
ZinKlad 1000 B
Following demand from automotive engineers and ZinKlad applicators, MacDermid have introduced technical data sheets for each ZinKlad performance level.

These technical data sheets outline (for each performance level):
  • Typical corrosion resistance
  • Recommended processes
  • Coefficient of friction (where applicable)
  • Recommended applications

These data sheets can be downloaded direct from our ZinKlad performance level webpage, or from each relevant ZinKlad performance level page (e.g. ZinKlad 250)

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