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Q2 2016

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Mac Dermid Industrial Solutions
ZinKlad enables automotive manufacturers in all regions of the world to specify higher standards than they achieved with previous, hexavalent chromium-based coatings.

The ZinKlad quality assurance program tackles the challenges for high performance automotive coatings of the future. Specifiers can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide.
ZinKlad Introduces...
Zinklad on the move......
  ZinKlad Program
  ZinKlad welcomes
As the new Global Director for ZinKlad I am proud to present our new edition of the ZinKlad newsletter. Our objective is to present to you our latest updates and technologies.

ZinKlad is an exceptionally successful licensed anti-corrosion program with a select number of applicators. These have been carefully chosen to deliver the highest standards in the plating industry for the automotive specifications.

MacDermid Enthone approved applicators use our technology and “know how” to meet the ELV legislation for the automotive industry.

As part of our continuous improvements program, we are undertaking upgrades of the ZinKlad program to bring the program to the next level. This will include the newest technologies for managing and monitoring the ZinKlad system globally.

Additionally, following the acquisition of Enthone by our mother company PSP (Platform Specialty Products) we will integrate and harmonize our best in class products for the ZinKlad system from the complete MacDermid Enthone portfolio in order to fulfil the highest requirements.

Please let us know if you have any questions or any special requests.

Lammert de Boer
Global Director - ZinKlad

  This year MacDermid Enthone have added 2 new applicators to the ZinKlad program. Additionally we have added extra ZinKlad capacity to 2 existing applicators. 

3 applicators have been suspended from the ZinKlad program. This demonstrates MacDermid's commitment to maintaining the rigorous Global standards of the ZinKlad program.

New applicators:

India - Right Tight Fasteners for ZinKlad 96, 250

China -  Jin Hai, Chongqing China – a previous Zinklad 250 applicator will soon rejoin as an approved applicator. Jin Hai has relocated their plating line and has moved to a new facility.  Jin Hai will represent Zinklad 250 and a new Zn Ni line – Zinklad 1000

USA -  Jagemann are approved to ZinKlad 240, which is a rack application.

Additional approvals / capacity:
We have two new ZinKlad MG/MGL plater’s which are also approved by Volkswagen/Audi:

Taiwan - Spring Profit

China - Grand Champion

Welcome to the ZinKlad program and we are looking forward to working closely with you serving our automotive business by bringing the plating industry to a higher level.

We are also expanding the ZinKlad program with new ZinKlad standards to expand our Global consistent quality assurance program. There is much more to come in ZinKlad which will be available soon!

Introduction of ZinKlad 72

Phosphating for fasteners by applying the KeyKote™ process under the new ZinKlad™ 72 program
One of the main markets for our Metallurgy product group is the automotive industry, especially the growing need for phosphating of fasteners. ZinKlad is in a unique position to add value to this industry sector by market with our existing applicator base and knowledge of the existing supply chain.
The opportunity to both specify and implement the new ZinKlad 72 will offer our renowned global consistency in fastener phosphating. ZinKlad 72 assists the OEM's by reducing their audit efforts at the phosphate applicators / TIER1 particularly in the emerging markets. 

Our KeyKote™ phosphate technology is applied to fasteners for different engineering properties to meet the requested OEM performance standards.

  • Zinc and zinc-calcium phosphates are applied for corrosion protection, coefficient of friction adjustment or for rubber bonding.

  • Manganese phosphates are applied for wear protection and / or corrosion protection.
    KeyKote Attributes include consistency in performance, global availability, control of incoming material quality & meeting the desired specification. Process optimization can be extended by joining the ZinkKlad 72 program.

For more information contact:


Update of ZinKlad Brake 240 and 1000

Bringing together state-of-the-art processes and an industry leading expertise in brake component finishing, the merger of Enthone with MacDermid provides the brake component industry with even stronger expertise to ensure the highest quality finishes for brake components.

The addition of ZinKlad Brake to our world-renowned quality assurance program is a logical step providing the industry with added value by ensuring globally consistent surface finishing quality for the safety relevant brake parts

Audio Speakers MacDermid
ZinKlad Brake 240 (zinc-based finishes) and ZinKlad Brake 1000 (zinc-nickel alloy based surface finishes) both satisfy the required key demands specific to this industry including:
  • Hydraulic tightness
  • UV- and heat resistance
  • Brake fluid compatibility
  • Wheel cleaner resistance
  • Globally consistent availability
  • Appealing decorative appearance
  • Consistently high corrosion protection
  • Tier1 / OEM approved finishing processes
  • Environmentally sound processes and coatings

For more information contactbjoern.dingwerth@macdermid.com
(Director Strategic Marketing Anti Corrosion / manager brake system component finishing).

News from ZinKlad Speaker

ZinKlad Speaker HQS and UQS are high performance hexavalent chromium-free coatings.
They are specifically designed to resist white rust in high temperature / high humidity testing.

Both coatings are fully compliant with both ELV and REACH regulations.

As the quality of audio systems in vehicles improves, the speakers are manufactured to ever tighter tolerances. To help ensure no corrosion products can affect these tighter tolerances, the coating must remain without white corrosion during the speakers operating life.

ZinKlad MGL

ZinKlad HQS (High Quality Surface) is a zinc-based coating which offers over 400 hours to white rust at 65oC and 98% humidity. 

ZinKlad UQS (Ultra Quality Surface) is a zinc-nickel based coating which offers exceptional resistance to white rust at 85oC and 85% humidity. 

Key Features:
  • Excellent Resistance to White Corrosion Products

  • Withstands Temperatures of 65C / 98% or 85C / 85% Humidity (depending on finish)

  • Exceptional Adhesion for Water-based Glue

  • Low Coating Thicknesses

ZinKlad HQS and UQS are ‘drop in’ processes suitable for most barrel electroplating lines. The special additive system ensures excellent fine grained coatings which are essential in meeting audio speaker requirements.


ZinKlad - EnGage Total Process monitoring
enGage™ Advanced Software Offers Mobility and Total Process Monitoring

enGage® software enables total process monitoring of plating operations so that consistency, efficiency and best practices are maintained at the highest levels.

With enGage, users can optimize process performance by creating personalized dashboards that provide customized data views and automated tracking. The result is improved communication and data sharing that enhances profitability by lowering chemical use and minimizing waste while simultaneously increasing transparency and accountability.


ZinKlad Speakers

Specifically, enGage monitors plating solutions, including chemical consumption rates. Inventory usage is continuously scrutinized to eliminate any production interruptions. An enGage app for the iPhone® is available as a FREE download by visiting the Apple® Store (search “Enthone”). The app allows 24/7 process monitoring remotely and securely. An Android® version will be launched later this year.

Julie Gatt, Enthone enGage Manager, said, “24/7 process monitoring is more than accessing real time data from your mobile device. Our 24/7 service includes our dedicated team of Enthone Applications Engineers. enGage is an integrated package comprised of chemistry, technical expertise and the enGage system.”

With enGage, users can optimize process performance by creating personalized dashboards that provide customized data views and automated tracking. The result is improved communication and data sharing that enhances profitability by lowering chemical use and minimizing waste, while simultaneously increasing transparency and accountability.


MacDermid Enthone Academy
Plating Academy
The Macdermid Enthone Plating Academy is our central training program for employees, selected customers, OEM's and Tier 1's. It provides a forum to impart technical knowledge about the company’s key processes and technologies.

Training modules range from obtaining a basic understanding of MacDermid Enthone best-in-class processes and ZinKlad standards to acquiring comprehensive, advanced training on specific troubleshooting and preventative maintenance procedures for a particular application.
ZinKlad commercial

In addition to formal classroom presentations and workshop discussions, hands-on instruction is provided at our application laboratories worldwide.

MacDermid Enthone Plating Academy training modules are designed to enable participation, regardless of a participant’s level of technical experience or job function. Employees are encouraged to register for Academy sessions that are most advantageous to benefiting their current job situation, as well as to enhance their future career opportunities.



ZinKlad and Six Sigma
REACH Compliance
Six Sigma is a system designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all business processes, including manufacturing and quality. Its ultimate goal is to create value, enhance total customer satisfaction, and provide meaningful tools and training to employees in an effort to better harness the considerable skills which reside within the ZinKlad program.

Customer Value Six Sigma is a structured methodology for creating, improving, and maintaining business or technical processes focused on delivering increased value to our ZinKlad applicators and key customers’ business. It utilizes a robust toolset addressing:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Variability Reduction
  • Voice of Customer Analysis

Our Customer Value Six Sigma process for the ZinKlad program is supported by field experienced certified Six Sigma members who are committed to an integrated partnership approach that addresses business challenges.

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