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Q4 2012

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Mac Dermid Industrial Solutions
The ZinKlad quality assurance program is taking on the challenges for high performance automotive coatings of the future.

Introduced 10 years ago, ZinKlad has enabled many global OEM's to specify higher standards than they achieved with previous, hexavalent chromium based coatings.
ZinKlad Program
  ZinKlad Program
New Specifications...
ZinKlad welcomes   ZinKlad 250
To date in 2013, MacDermid added 6 new applicators to the ZinKlad program including the first one in Thailand and additional capacity in China and Taiwan. This takes the total to over 70 applicators worldwide

These new applicators, who all meet the ZinKlad audit standards, will replace 4 who no longer meet the performance criteria and have been removed.

The new applicators:
KPS - Thailand
Name withheld - USA
Penglei - China
Ruia - Germany
Yun Lien - China
  This year we have seen an amendment and an addition to the ZinKlad 250 program.

The amendment, from the Ford WSS-M21P17 specification (formerly just ZinKlad 250) to WSS-M21P52 which now calls out the zinc finishes ZinKlad 96, 250, 250L and 250 M. The changes also include the addition of cyclical corrosion testing and revisions to some of the torque-tension requirements.
Latest News from the Americas
Existing applicator South Holland, is now approved to coat ZinKlad MG-L, a fastener finish specifically designed to both protect the base material and reduce galvanic corrosion of the mateing light metal surface.

Latest News from Asia
To meet increasing demand from OEM's for high performance, hexavalent chromium free coatings, MacDermid have approved new applicators in China (Penglei), Tawain (Yun Lien) and for the first time, Thailand (KPS). Penglei are approved to ZinKlad 1000, the others for ZinKlad 250.

Following the highly successful anti-corrosion automotive supply chain seminar in Suzhou last year, MacDermid China will again be hosting this event in September 2013. Leading engineers from Chinese automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, together with electroplaters, have been invited to hear about the latest drivers and trends in anti-corrosion coatings.

Latest News from Europe
RUIA have been added to the list of ZinKlad 250 applicators and becomes part of the German ZinKlad "club", which now meets every yearZinKlad welcomes. This annual gathering facilitates open discussion between all the German ZinKlad Approved Platers and the MacDermid sales, technical and OEM teams.

This year, there was a special surprise as MacDermid's Sales Director, Michael Barz, handed out engraved metallic ZAP certificates to mark more than 10 years success of the ZinKlad program in Germany!

New Processes
As the use of high performance zinc-nickel and trivalent passivation coatings continue to grow, MacDermid have developed three innovative processes to meet demand in new applications: zinc-nickel plated brake caliper

1) Fluid transfer tubes are plated with a deposit from Enviralloy Niflex 12 which retains the corrosion protection after post-plate deformation.

2) Cast iron brake calipers are treated with Kenlevel Ni 12-15 which has a cathode efficiency in excess of 95% to ensure good initiation of the zinc-nickel coating. 

MacDermid have also introduced Enviralloy NiSpeed to reduce plating times and increase production yields.
Technology shift?
MacDermid's extensive range of  friction control products had a further addition to the product line Torque 'N' Tension 08. 

Developed for use on hard zinc-nickel deposits in self-thread cutting applications, Torque 'N' Tension 08 has a lower coefficient of friction than other products in the range.
Legislation - REACh: Cobalt Salts: Update
New team
  • 2011, ECHA recommended to start the authorization process for 5 Cobalt salts.
  • 2012, the European commission did not adopt the ECHA recommendation and requested a more detailed study from ECHA about the risks of Cobalt salts in industrial applications (not only plating).
  • 2013 ECHA approached industry organizations with a survey. The results of this survey are expected to be published in Q3/2013.
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