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Corrosion Performance

Neutral Salt SprayNeutral Salt Spray test is the most commonly used accelerated corrosion test for zinc (sacrificial) based coatings. Test methods ASTM B117 or ISO 9227 are the usual reference standards for the neutral salt spray test procedure.

Whilst it is difficult to make absolute comparisons between neutral salt spray hours and the actual service conditions, neutral salt spray does provide comparative guide to performance.

The ASTM B117 / ISO 9227 test methods have proved very useful for allowing the relative performance of specific coatings to be repeatedly and consistently measured and directly compared.


Table of ZinKlad Corrosion performance In neutral salt spray test to astm b117 / 1so 9227


ZinKlad LevelHours to White CorrosionHours to Red Corrosion
96 72 240
240 120 380
250 120 380
250 M 96 240
500 200 500
1000 240 1000
1000 B 240 1000
MG / MGL 192 600

Both cosmetic failure (white corrosion products) and base metal (red corrosion products) are measured in terms of hour of endurance in the neutral salt spray test.

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Typical Features of the ASTM B117 / ISO 9227 Neutral Salt Spray Tests

The test standard environment is a stable 35oC chamber through which a 5% neutral salt spray fog is pumped. This corrosive fog will dissolve metal coatings like zinc, as well as finding defects and pores through which to attack the underlying substrate.

Typically coatings are tested in 24 hour cycles. The table above demonstrates how the ZinKlad levels typically perform with the zinc-alloy coatings (i.e. 500, 1000) giving more resistance to corrosion than pure zinc finishes (96, 250). Before evaluating the coating, the components should be first rinsed and dried.

Simulating a severe marine environment, neutral salt spray is used worldwide to benchmark coatings and determine their relative performances.


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