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the recycling PET process

MacDermid Chemicals are a vital component in the recycling PET process. PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) is a strong but lightweight material used to make containers for drinks, personal healthcare and other food and non-food applications. PET is fully recyclable.

Typically after collection the used containers are washed to remove labels and residues, ground into flake then sorted (by floating / sinking) to remove other plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

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It is at the washing stage that MacDermid chemicals are used to aid the recycling process:

cleaners and additives



  • Cleaners and additives to remove glues, labels and organic residues.
  • Dedicated formulations for different washing technologies, strong foam control properties with a wide range in temperature application.
 Plastic PET bottle recycling

Enhancing plastic separation



  • We provide different technologies which enhance the separation of PET from other light plastics.
  • Our products have inherent foam control properties and the capacity to neutralise the alkaline drag-out.
 Plastic PET bottle recycling

Defoamers and antifoams    




  • MacDermid PET antifoam technology incudes a wide range of chemical bases which are designed and optimized for each application specific needs.
 Plastic PET bottle recycling

Cleaning solution reconditioning



  • Additives dedicated to reduce the suspended solid and COD pollution into washing and prewashing solutions.
  • These specialty products do not interfere with the effectiveness of the organic cleaner additives.
 Plastic PET bottle recycling

Equipment maintenance             



  • Inhibited descaling products for periodic internal plant maintenance.
  • Our products are specific to remove both alkaline and hardness scale from stainless steel structures, internal pipes and the vibrating screens.
 Plastic PET bottle recycling

coating strippers



  • Booster water soluble solvent additives to enhance the solution stripper properties.
  • The removal of coating or paints from plastic substrates.
 Plastic PET bottle recycling

 HDPE/PP or other plastics 



  • Cleaners and additives dedicated to the recycling stream of other plastics like HDPE or PP.
  • Suitable for generic uses or food contact applications.
 Plastic PET bottle recycling

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