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Tubular Furniture


  • Chromium plating provides a timeless durable and easy to clean finish
  • Phosphate coatings prepare the steel base metals for powder or nylon coated finishes
  • Zinc -based electroplate provides an economical bright alternative to chromium




Technology overview


Chromium plating

Surface coatings for tubular furnitureWhen it comes to the highest quality finish for tubular furniture, nothing adds the finishing touch and durability like electroplated chromium. In order to achieve this timeless finish, MacDermid technology is used at all the process stages. First the residue from the polishing operation must be removed. Our pre-treatment Metex processes are designed to clean and activate the surface ready for the next operation, electroplated nickel.

Nickel can be plated either fully mirror bright or non-reflective satin. Chromium plate is then applied over the nickel to give the excellent corrosion and abrasion resistant finish that is so easy to clean.

Today clear chromium is complemented by MacDermid's dark chromium coatings. These Fashion Finishes include:

  • Bright trivalent chromium
  • Dark trivalent chromiumSurface coatings for tubular furniture
  • UV-cured electrophoretic lacquer

All our chromium coated finishes meet ISO 4525 for service condition 1.

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phosphate coatingsSurface coatings for tubular furniture

Powder coating is also extensively used for protecting and enhancing steel furniture. The CanPhos and Keykote phosphating improves this adhesion in either spray or immersion applications.

To meet RoHS, WEEE and EOLV directives, our processes include Qualicoat and GSB approved chromium-free systems. For multi-metal use we have cleaner phosphate systems which can be teamed with high-performance dry in place final seals to provide reliable, cost-effective pre-treatment for painting.

Our latest technology BlueKote 2000 answers industry concerns on disposal of phosphates. BlueKote 2000 is both phosphate and heavy metal-free.  BlueKote 2000 increases the bonding between metal and paint as well as improving the corrosion resistance.

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Zinc electroplating

Surface coatings for tubular furnitureZinc, coupled with a trivalent chromium passivate, provides an exceptionally economical and corrosion resistant 'chromium look' finish.

Typically in these applications zinc is deposited as a 'blue-brite chrome' type finish with a neutral salt spray resistance of 72 hours to white and 240 hours to red rust. MacDermid's range of TriPass ELV trivalent passivates are all hexavalent chromium-free.  If required, a clear organic topcoat from our Hydrolac range increases the durability of the coating.

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