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Advanced Functional Printing Event

aprochim - technical article

Auto Interiors 2013

Bang & Bonsomer - MacDermid distributors in Russia

Cobalt Free Passivates

Electroless nickel technical article

Enviralloy Ni 12-15 - Approved to bend

Ferrari - Automotive seminar

FIAT approve Twilite

Ford - Change to the WSS-M21P17 specification

France - 80 years of MacDermid france

GMW 16730 approval

Japan technical article

Platers' Calculator Mobile App

Ruia Global Fasteners receives approval for ZinKlad 250

SUR/FIN 2013

ZinKlad - German Annual Meeting

ZinKlad moves into Thailand



Electroless Nickel - Technical paper


Paper title: Corrosion resistance of high phosphorus electroless nickel

Author: Nicole Micyus, MacDermid, Inc.

Japan MST article EN/PTFE and EN/BN deposits of various weight / percentage concentrations are plated over high phosphorus electroless nickel and the neutral salt spray (NSS) results are compared to those for a single layer of high phosphorus EN.


Japan Technical - Article


Article title:  "Anti-Corrosive Plating Technologies which Meet Environmental Regulations"

Language: Japanese

Japan MST article This article singles out 3 MacDermid technologies: Zinklad, Enviralloy Niflex 12 and our trivalent chrome product for solving the Russian mud issue appeared in the Mechanical Surface Tech, August 2013 Pages: 32-33

Website:  http://surface.mechanical-tech.jp/magazine/2013/08


80 Years of MacDermid France - Article80 ans de MacDermid France


Aprochim - Technical article

Aprochim, part of the MacDermid group, supplies automatic pressure and vacuum belt filter systems for separation of suspended solids from liquids. The operator free filter system changes the filter belt automatically. Aprochim filter unit
Aprochim filter systems are used in various electrolytes and solutions such as:

They are especially suitable where the sludge cake shows a good permeability.


German flagAprochim ist ein Teil der weltweit agierenden MacDermid Gruppe und plant, produziert und vertreibt vollautomatische Druck- und German Aprochim articleVakuumbandfiltersysteme zur Filtration von Feststoffen aus flüssigen Lösungen. Dabei handelt es sich um Filtermaschinen, die ohne personellen Einsatz bei Filterverschmutzung automatisch das Band wechseln. Die Aprochim Filter werden für die verschiedensten Anwendungsgebiete z.B. in sauer Zink Elektrolyten erfolgreich eingesetzt; vor allem dann, wenn der Schlammkuchen eine große Durchlässigkeit zeigt.






Automotive Decorative Finishes – Seminar, Museo Ferrari – Maranello, Italy

16th and 17th May 2013 was the date for the MacDermid Decorative Automotive supply chain seminar. The seminar was held at the prestigious Ferrari museum in Maranello, Italy. The gathering was to inform delegates on the latest developments of surface coatings for interior and exterior components. Read more...




SUR/FIN 2013 - See us at booth 413

MacDermid is a specialty chemical manufacturer and a key component of the supply chain for automotive, aerospace, motorcycle, smart phone, medical and printed circuits industries. Come and talk to us about ZinKlad, decorative Fashion Finishes and NiKlad Eclipse, black electroless nickel.



Annual ZinKad meeting in Germany

25th April 2013 was the date for the annual meeting of the German ZinKlad “club“. This annual gathering facilitates open discussion between all the German ZinKlad Approved Platers and the MacDermid sales, technical and OEM teams. This year, there was a special surprise as MacDermid Sales Director, Michael Barz, handed out engraved metallic ZAP certificates to mark more than 10 years success of the ZinKlad program in Germany! Read more...


MacDermid companies team up for Automotive Interiors Expo 2013

Hall 3, Stand A5425

MacDermid Autotype will be teaming up with MacDermid Industrial for Automotive Interiors Expo 2013 to demonstrate how the latest film insert moulding and coating solutions improve the quality and production processes of automotive interior design.  Automotive Interiors Expo 2013, which takes place at Messe Stuttgart, Germany from 4-6 June, is a key event for the automotive interiors community, bringing together the world’s leading manufacturers in a highly specialised XMAPP and Q-Klad logosexhibition.

MacDermid Autotype, a manufacturer of specialised films, and MacDermid Industrial, a specialty chemical manufacturer, aim to fire the imagination of designers and stylists to the potential of FIM and chemical coatings to producing cost-effective, impactful and robust finishes. 

“We aim to show visitors that, together, our two companies can provide solutions for automotive interior designers, from hard-coated film for dashboards to attractive, resilient metallics for the detailing of features such as door handles and gear knobs,” explains Alan Gardner, Global Marketing Manager, MacDermid Industrial, who will be presenting at the event. 

“These features, quite frankly, add a lot of value and, from a design point of view, can make or break a sale. We want to inspire OEM designers to build these solutions into the design during the early stages. By considering our products at this phase, stunning effects can be created allowing them to deliver quality parts that can be tough as well as aesthetically pleasing.” 

Automotive Interiors Expo 2013 is dedicated to the latest developments and product launches for the Automotive community.  The event brings together car designers and manufacturers, styling houses, and the full spectrum of car interiors suppliers all under one roof and so the solutions presented on the MacDermid stand are set to be a focus of attention throughout the show.

For further information contact:




FIAT approve Twilite Q-Klad color standard

Q-Klad logoFIAT have approved MacDermid NiMac nickels and Twilite dark trivalent chromium to meet their specifications PS12600 and SZS for Light Black Chromium. This finish has been tested to the Q-Klad color standard, and a certificate issued which details the finish color using the L*A*B standard (CIE76). This measurement facilitates improved quality control by providing an objective standard to assess the plated components. A sample of this certificate is available here.

For more information about this approval, Twilite dark chromium and the Q-Klad program, please follow the links above or visit our contacts page.


Ford - Change to the WSS-M21P17 specification

Link to ZinKlad™ Approved Platers

HeaderFord has authorized MacDermid to communicate changes to the S437 (ZinKlad 250) range of zinc electroplated fastener finishes. The current WSS-M21P17 will move to the new specification WSS-M21P52. The major changes involve cyclical corrosion testing and a change to some of their torque-tension requirements. Additionally Ford has announced two new finish codes within WSS-M21P52; S437U (Zinklad 96 without topcoat) and S437L (ZinKlad 250 with Torque 'N' Tension 08) for thread forming products. More information about these changes can be found on the Ford ZinKlad specification page. 

Finishes requiring JS500 and JS600 topcoats will migrate to the Ford zinc plating specification WSS-M1P85-B5.

Thread forming screws

For further information about these changes and meeting this specification, please contact our Ford Key Account Manager Mr. Aaron Pokowski or contact us via our online enquiry form.

ZinKlad 250 is also specified by other leading automotive companies and suppliers including Delphi, GM, TRW and VW / Audi. Sign up to our bi-annual ZinKlad newsletter and we'll keep you updated with the developments in the ZinKlad program.


Sign up to our ZinKlad Newsletter:



ZinKlad moves into Thailand


KPS becomes ZinKlad Approved Applicator

ZinKlad logoMacDermid Thailand are very pleased to add KPS (Bangsaothong) to our list of ZinKlad Approved Applicators (ZAPs). The approval of these new ZAPs reflects the growing importance of surface finishing to global automotive standards in the Thai market. KPS are approved to ZinKlad 250.

thailand vehicle market Thai flag

The Thai vehicle market produces around 2 million light vehicles per year. Manufacturers include Toyota, Nissan, Ford and GM. Many of these OEM's are currently building new production facilities to increase output. Of the vehicles manufactured, some 40% are exported.


Enviralloy NiFlex 12 - Approved to Bend

zinc-nickel plated tubesEnviralloy NiFlex 12 with TriPass ELV passivate and HydroKlad Si topcoat have been approved by major automotive companies to meet their specifications for post plate deformed tubes. In this application Enviralloy Niflex 12 is proven to retain corrosion resistance.

Automotive tubes, extensively used to transfer fluids are frequently plated in straight lengths and subsequently deformed to meet the vehicle manufacturers' requirements. This makes plating and transportation of the tubes more economical than plating in the final shape. Enviralloy NiFlex 12 can be applied to automotive tubes used for all pressure levels from low pressure liquid cooling, to medium pressure power steering through to high pressure for diesel injection systems.

The challenge for the coating is to retain the adherence and corrosion resistance of the deposit. Enviralloy NiFlex 12, a unique polarizing alkaline zinc-nickel process, is able to do this by forming a micro cracked deposit structure. For more information on plating tubes and post plate deformation, contact us.


MacDermid go with Bang & Bonsomer


ExpoCoating Exhibition in Moscow (26-28th March)

Bang & Bonsomer expo 2013 UV lacquerMacDermid's official distributor Bang & Bonsomer presented our latest technology which included NiKlad, ChromKlad, UV lacquers, TriMac III and the ZinKlad range of products. This technology benefits our customers by providing technically advanced deposits in the most demanding applications such as mineral mining, oil and gas exploration and automotive manufacturing.

The exhibition which took place in one of the halls previously used for the Olympic games of 1980, attracted visitors not only from Russia but from many other ex-Soviet states.Bang & Bonsomer expo 2013

Bang and Bonsomer are a Finish based company who have been supplying chemicals in Russia for over 20 years. Their network includes 9 offices in Russia also facilities in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

European Marketing Director Mr. Mark Baker explained "with Bang & Bonsomer's large distribution network for Eastern Europe and MacDermid's strong surface coating technology, quality surface finishing products will be readily available in many more European markets than ever before. We are really excited about this new venture".


Platers' Calculator Mobile App


Platers calculator available on App store

  Platers calculator available on App store   MacDermid Platers Calculator available on the BlackBerry App World  


We are pleased to announce that the MacDermid Platers' Calculator desktop version is now available as a mobile phone app. It is ready for you to use on iPhone, BlackBerry or Android.  Click the suitable icon:

The new calculator adds the usability of a mobile app to the features of the desktop program.    So now you can use it in real time, wherever you are in the world. Its slick design and highly reliable calculations make it a must have tool for all plating technicians. 

The application is designed to calculate plating times, thicknesses, weight of metal consumed and cathode efficiency. In addition to plating calculations, the app calculates Hull Cell parameters. 

We hope you'll find it useful. Looking forward to your reviews on the app stores.


Cobalt-Free Passivates


Latest cobalt and hexavalent-chromium free passivation systems

Driven by REACH, several industries, have started looking for alternative technologies free from cobalt salts. To meet these needs, MacDermid have introduced TriPass ELV 7000 passivation systems. Benefits of TriPass ELV 7000 series passivates include:

  • Additives are free of Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic compounds (CMR-Free)
  • Solution free from hexavalent chromium and cobalt (SVHC-free)
  • Compliant with ELV, RoHS, WEEE directives
  • Inhibitor content can be analyzed in the film



Ruia Global Fasteners receives approval for ZinKlad 250Ruia AG receive zinklad certificate

MacDermid were delighted to present Ruia with the latest ZinKlad Approved Platers certificate. Ruia, located in Neuwied Germany, are now approved to plate to ZinKlad 250.

The MacDermid GmbH team look forward to continuing our relationship with Ruia to deliver high performance surface coatings to the German automotive supply chain.

Further information can be found at www.ruiagf.com and RUIA ZAP page 


MacDermid receive GMW 16730 approval

Wheel bolt blackMacDermid is very pleased to announce approval by GM as the chemical supplier for GMW16730.

Along with MacDermid, both Ajax and Modern Plating have been granted approval as an applicator from GM as of November 2012.

GMW16730 is the new global specification for black zinc-nickel and replaces GMW4205. Applicators need ZinKlad 1000 B to meet this approval.

The specification was primarily developed for wheel well liner attachments, but will eventually be used on exterior applications where a decorative black with high corrosion and stone chip resistance is required.

MacDermid will be working in the next few months in assisting our worldwide applicator base gain the necessary approval to carry out this finish.

ZinKlad 1000 B is based on an 8um metallic zinc-nickel coating, with a trivalent chromium passivation and topcoat. For fasteners the topcoat usually contains an integrated lubricant to optimise the coefficient of friction properties. The coating gives >1000 hours to first red corrosion.

ZinKlad 1000 is also specified by leading automotive companies including Ford, GM, PSA, Renault and VW / Audi. The addition of these new ZinKlad finishes enables automotive manufacturers to specify even higher levels of performance.