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Coatings Seminar at JCB March 2014

Ford - macdermid technical day 2014 

Germany O&S 2014

Japan automotive seminar

Japan - Internepcon 2014

MacDermid Divisions Team Up for Automotive Interiors Expo 2014 Hall 3, Stand A5304 

MacDermid Hosts Fastener Summit 

MacDermid POP seminar in Germany - June

MacDermid Opens Japan Desk in Metro Detroit 

NASF Surfin 2014

Product highlights

POP Seminar - North America September 2014

Russia surface finishing exhibition february 2014

SGM - macdermid Technical Day 2014

Spain - Overview of new facilities video



MacDermid Divisions Team Up for Automotive Interiors Expo 2014 Hall 3, Stand A5304


MacDermid…Supporting the highest quality standards 


In a globalising world, OEM’s must change and adapt, and MacDermid’s innovative surface coating technology continues to respond to these requirements, worldwide. In conjunction with our Decorative automotive interior coatings, Hard Coat Film and metallic Fashion Finishes, we introduce XMAPP and Q-Klad quality assurance programmes.

XMAPP and Q-Klad quality assurance programmes provide the necessary support to ensure successful launch and implementation of new projects:


  • Coating performance: Consistency in factors such as colour, gloss and inherent excellent abrasion resistance mean coating reliability.
  • Global consistency: Wherever decorative coatings are applied, applicators know they are using the same high performance products.
  • Global support: Face to face experienced technical support, extensive process checks and detailed analysis are just part of the XMAPP and Q-Klad support programmes.








Russia surface finishing exhibition february 2014

This is the second year MacDermid have exhibited with our distributor Bang and Bonsomer at the premier plating exhibition Expo 2014.

The exhibition was on for 3 days from the 18th to the 20th February and attended by visitors from all over Russia and the Baltic States.

For this exhibition the emphasis was on finishing for the automotive industry with ZinKlad and Q-Klad of particular interest to delegates due to the increasing demand for zinc-nickel and plating on plastics in the Russian surface finishing markets.

Bang and Bonsomer are a Finish based company who have been supplying chemicals in Russia for over 20 years. Their network includes 9 offices in Russia also facilities in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

European Marketing Director Mr. Mark Baker explained "with Bang & Bonsomer's large distribution network for Eastern Europe and MacDermid's strong surface coating technology, quality surface finishing products will be readily available in many more European markets than ever before. We are really excited about this new venture".


Coatings seminar held at jcb world headquarters

MacDermid were a primary participant at the Anochrome Group coating seminar held at the JCB World Headquarters at Rocester in Staffordshire.

JCB is one of the world’s top three manufacturers of construction equipment. The seminar consisted of key global coating suppliers.

Delegates included key JCB engineers and suppliers, along with representatives from Nissan, Aston Martin and other major global users of surface coatings.

For more information - http://www.anochrome.com/uncategorized/jcb-seminar/


Electroless nickel presentation at Japan interepcon 2014 






MacDermid JapanJapan - Internepcon 2014

From January 15-17, 2014, MacDermid exhibited their innovative chemistry at INTERNEPCON JAPAN 2014.   This electronics R&D show attracted 83,000 visitors over 3 days from the Japanese automotive, consumer electronics, printed circuit board and integrated circuit packaging industries.  


MacDermid Japan

MacDermid's environmentally-friendly trivalent chromium technology was the center of much attention, along with our offerings for the molded interconnect device (MID) market.   Blackhole, also on display, remains the default standard for flexible and rigid circuit boards.



MacDermid Product Highlights


Platers Calculator Mobile App


High speed alkaline zinc-nickel


MacDermid Platers Calculator Mobile App

The Platers' Calculator mobile app helps technicians calculate plating times, thicknesses, weight of metal consumed and cathode efficiency.

Enviralloy NiSpeed - New alkaline zinc-nickel with a high cathode efficiency and fast plating rates to improve production yields. The deposit is an ideal base for TriPass ELV trivalent chromium passivates.

Enviralloy NiSpeed

Fashion Finishes


NiKlad 849

Fashion Finishes MacDermid

Satin and dark chromium combined they consitute the MacDermid Fashion Finish range, extensively specified by leading global automotive manufacturers.

Bright electroless nickel You no longer have to sacrifice quality, performance or consistency to meet environmental constraints. NiKlad ELV 849 our brightest ELV compliant bath yet...


 NiKlad ELV 849 bright electroless nickel





POP Seminar - North America September 2014

Norh American POP seminar 2014MacDermid held a Plating on Plastic Summit on October 1st and 2nd at the impressive Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  Attendees were updated on the latest advancements in POP technology including a new UV lacquer process, advances in double shot molding and a qualification process for decorative fashion finishes.  Of particular interest were presentations on molding and plastics by Mitch Gordon of Synventive and Brian Grosser of Samsung. The round table discussion involving Chrysler, Ford and General Motors was also a highlight of the 2-day summit.

The increased use of trivalent chrome was discussed as was a new innovation in passivate technology.  In addition, MacDermid’s latest innovation in hex-chrome-free pretreatment was introduced.  The new process, evolve, which is chromium, PFOS, SVHC and permanganate-free, requires no extra process tanks or processing times when compared to conventional metallization cycles.  The process is currently in production, meeting automotive specifications and demonstrating outstanding adhesion.

The Summit offered topics of interest to all levels of the Plating on Plastic supply chain. 

For more information about the topics discussed, please contact Chrissy Pullara at cpullara@macdermid.com.




Ford-MacDermid Techical Day - Nanjing



1. Future Materials by Aaron Pokowski
2. Engineering Coating for Automotive Applications by John Szczypka
3. Anti-Corrosion Coatings by Max DiMarco
4. Revolution in Plastic Plating Process by Lammert DeBoer
5. Film Insert Moulding Technology by Bernie Banks
6. Metallization Trends for Automotive Printed Circuit Board by Lenora Toscano
7. Advanced Design with MID by Rich Retallick




MacDermid - SGM Tech day 2014


1. Future Materials
2. Engineering Coating For Automotive Applications
3. Anti-Corrosion Coatings
4. Future Tightening Technology in Automobile Industry Application
5. Sight Machine - Defect ControlSystem
6. Revolution in Plastic Plating Process
7. Film Insert Molding Technology
8. Metallization Trends For Automotive Printed Circuit Boards
9. Advanced Design with MID



MacDermid Opens Japan Desk in Metro Detroit

MacDermid JapanStarting on October 1, the Japan Desk in New Hudson, Michigan will act as a liaison between Japan-based automotive customers in North America and MacDermid personnel to ensure that the customers’ ongoing requirements are established, understood and satisfied. 

A bilingual Account Manager will cater to the sophisticated needs of Japanese automotive OEMs and their expanding supply chain here in North America who require plating chemistry for decorative and anti-corrosive purposes.

Read more >



Japan Automotive Seminar 2014

The MacDermid Automotive Summit, held in Kawasaki City on September 5, 2014, brought together Japan's automotive OEMs and their supply chain to educate the market on innovative trends in surface treatment. Leading experts from Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K. and the U.S. spoke about MacDermid's dynamic chemistries for the global automotive industry.

Representatives from Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other manufacturers participated in discussions on the following topics:

"ZinKlad System - from Zinc/Zinc Alloy Plating to Friction Control"

"High Alloy Zinc Nickel Deposit - Enviralloy NiFlex12’s Ductility and Other Features"

"Cobalt-free Passivation System and the Update on European Legislation"

"Optimized Plating Solutions for MID (Molded Interconnect Devices)"

"Russian Mud Testing: Investigation of Anti-Corrosion Mechanism"

"Evolve: Chrome-free Etching Process on Plastic Materials"

"Electroless Nickel - Engineering Coatings & Automotive Applications"

"Film Insert Molding: A Hardcoated Film for Plastic Parts"

"MacDermid: Your Global Supply Chain Partner"




MacDermid Hosts Fastener Summit

MacDermid North AmericaMacDermid Inc, A Platform Speciality Products company, hosted their second Fastener Summit.  The event  included over 70 representatives from 30 different leading major US automotive fastener and stamping companies.  The intent of the Summit was to educate application and quality engineers from the fastener industry on plating and adjacent industry related topics. The guest speakers were from MacDermid North America and the Global OEM Organizations. MacDermid also sponsored outside speakers that are considered experts in their related fields.ZinKlad North America

The day began at Tanglewood Golf Course Conference Center with a meet and greet networking opportunity and ended with a team golf scramble & social hour.  The topics presented at the Technical Review included the following:

  • Mike Goralski, VP & GM ASF North America, updated the group on MacDermid becoming a publicly traded company when they were purchased in October by Platform Acquisitions Holdings.
  • Frank Wagner, Director of ASF Sales for Midwest & West, Plating 101 and the basics principles behind plating fasteners, proper part design, best practices and an update on MacDermid's Global ZinKlad Program.MacDermid North America
  • John Szczypka, Global Product Director for Engineering Coatings and Surface Conditioning, Presented Electroless Nickel for Automotive Applications.
  • Dave Miller, Product Manager for RS Technologies - a Division of PCB Load & Torque Inc., The Dynamics of Torque Tension and the relationship between MacDermid's family of TNT products.
  • Michael Siegmund, VP of OEM Global Programs, presented on MacDermid's expanded OEM Program and "Opening the World to your Company", NAFTA exporting trend and the Dynamics of the Mexican Automotive Market.
  • Salim Brahimi, president of IBECA Technologies, is a licensed member of the Quebec Order of Professional Engineers; he has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the fastener industry. He holds a master’s of materials engineering and a graduate diploma in management from McGill University in Montreal, where he is completing a doctorate on the topic of fastener hydrogen embrittlement. Salim serves as chairman of ASTM Committee F16 on Fasteners, as chair of the Canadian delegation to ISO Committee TC2 on Fasteners, and as incoming vice chair of the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC). Mr. Brahimi presented on the topic of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners  - Theory and Practice and the reduced risk with the use of Zinc Nickel.


SurFin 2014

MacDermid Inc MacDermid Inc. exhibited once again at the NASF SurFin Convention in Cleveland, OH on June 9-11.  Our focus this year was on the OEM market and our innovation for technology that will meet tomorrow's needs.  The booth incorporated a large map which highlighted our global OEM support infrastructure. 

We were fortunate to have a Freightliner aluminum door frame that was supplied by Henrob in our booth.  It displayed self-piercing rivets that are plated with our MacuGuard ALMAC (Aluminum Zinc Tin).

The remainder of the booth focused on individual product areas such as:

  • evolve - our latest pretreatment system that is free from chromic acid and other substances of very high concern
  • Electroless Nickel - Eclipse (black EN), LMO (low metal operation) products and our Niklad ELV 835 low, medium phos process
  • ZinKlad - our high performance hexavalent chromium free coating that has a proven consistent quality and global network of approved applicators

MacDermid Inc Terry Clarke presented a paper on, "The Challenge to Replace Hexavalent Chromium for Plating On Plastics" which was well received by all.

We also had the opportunity to entertain customers at the Market Garden Brewery where they received a tour of the facility while enjoying samples of their in-house brewed beer and ale.  Once everyone had a chance to taste the beer and view the brewery, we moved to the Speakeasy Pub in McNulty's Bier Market for dinner and acoustical music provided by Cleveland's own Pete Tompkins.




Germany O&S 2014

 Held every 2 years in Stuttgart, the German O&S (surface finishing exhibition) was another success for the German team with particular interest being shown in our Enviralloy zinc-nickel and our Plating On Plastics / Fashion Finishes technology.



MacDermid POP seminar in Germany - June 2014

MacDermid POP seminar Germany 2014

2nd and 3rd of June 2014 was the date for the MacDermid Decorative Automotive supply chain seminar. The seminar was held at the prestigious Automuseum in Ladenburg, Germany. The gathering was to inform delegates on the implications of REACh directive as well as review and discuss the latest pre-treatments and decorative chromium thechnology for  Plating on Plastics.  This review included perspectives from automotive designers, engineers and applicators. For more information please contact Stefanie Körner.