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Platform Specialty Products Announces the Closing of the Alent Transaction

November 2015 - GM Approves TriPass ELV 1500LT

Automotive Interiors EXPO (AIX) 2015

ASEAN Brake seminar 2015

JLR Technical Day for Engineers

MacDermid Appoints Scot Benson as President

Ruling on use of Chromium trioxide



MacDermid Enthone acquisition

Platform Specialty Products Announces the Closing of the Alent Transaction

WATERBURY, CT., December 1, 2015 - Platform Specialty Products Corporation, a global diversified specialty chemicals company, has closed on its acquisition of Alent plc. The closing of this transaction will prompt the launch of MacDermid Performance Solutions, a division of Platform that will combine the original MacDermid operations with businesses from Alent (Enthone and Alpha and their subsidiary company, Fernox), along with the recently acquired OM businesses. Read More>



GM Approves TriPass ELV 1500LT

GM has added TriPass ELV 1500LT to the list of ZinKlad 250 approved materials to meet GMW 3044 G, X and U.

ZinKlad GMTriPass ELV 1500LT 

A low temperature trivalent chromium passivate. It is a single component liquid concentrate, which produces an iridescent passivate film with excellent corrosion resistance, even after heating. When used with an approved topcoat, the passivate film will produce a silver colored finish.

In production it operates at lower solution temperature, therefore offering exceptional energy efficiency. It is easy to control and is highly suited to both rack and barrel applications.



Ruling on use of Chromium trioxide

In July 2013, a European group (Vecco – a European based association which represents a group of downstream users of chromium trioxide) challenged ECHA regarding the inclusion of chromium trioxide into Annex XIV of REACH.

The primary claim was that an exemption from authorisation for chromium trioxide should have been allowed because the risks of handling the substance were adequately covered by existing legislation and control measures.  The decision of the European Court of Justice was published on 25th September 2015 and the case was dismissed.
Thus we believe that the status of chromium trioxide within REACH remains unaltered and is as follows:

  • The “sunset date” for chromium trioxide is 21st of September 2017. Following this date, the substance will only be permitted for use in applications specifically authorised by ECHA. No other use will be permitted in the EU.
  • CTAC has compiled risk and application data necessary to allow authorisation of chromium trioxide to be considered by ECHA. This includes uses of hard chromium plating, decorative chromium plating, passivation processes and processes for etching plastic. This information has been submitted to ECHA by the major importers of chromium trioxide into Europe.
  • This application for authorisation is currently in the public consultation phase. Following this, the individual cases for authorisation for each use group will be considered by ECHA and decisions will be made as to whether authorisation in each use group will be granted.
      • Some, all or none of the applications may be authorised to continue.
  • Authorisation, even if granted is time limited and has to be re-applied for within the review period decided by ECHA. Of course this involves additional costs.
  • If authorisation is granted, all downstream users of processes (i.e. the platers) containing chromium trioxide must inform their national authority that they are using this material.
  • Discussions relating to the authorisation process regarding low volume applications and production of legacy components are ongoing but no amendments have yet been made.

The link to the European Union commission ruling on actions involving VECCO and ECHA regarding the use of chromium trioxide can be found at http://bit.ly/1LRXdxL






MacDermid Industrial Solutions and MacDermid Autotype demonstrated our latest coatings to the engineers at JLR. Of particular interest were the calcium chloride resistant dark chromium coatings, in-mold decoration and zinc-nickel anti-corrosion coatings.




AIX 2015AIX 2015 MacDermid

Automotive interior trim is moving from decorative, aesthetic drivers to critical performance characteristics as designers seek to meet the post iPod customer expectations. Optic performance, hardness, resistance to sunscreen products, anti-fingerprinting and anti-glare are all key requirements for trim items. Read More>


MacDermid Appoints Scot Benson as President

Scott Benson MacDermidWaterbury, CT., February 18, 2015 – MacDermid, Incorporated (“MacDermid”), a subsidiary of Platform Specialty Products Corporation (“Platform”), announced today the promotion of Scot Benson to the role of President of MacDermid, effective February 20, 2015. In his new capacity, Mr. Benson will have global responsibility for all MacDermid’s operations consisting of Performance Materials and Graphic Solutions, including the Offshore Solutions and Autotype businesses. Mr. Benson will report to Wayne Hewett, newly-appointed President of Platform.

Mr. Benson has had a distinguished 16-year tenure, most recently as Group President of Advance Surface Finishing(ASF) and Printing Solutions. Mr. Benson has extensive experience in ASF and printing, including roles in general and regional management at MacDermid since joining in 1999. Mr. Benson assumes the responsibility from Daniel H. Leever who led MacDermid for 25 years; he will be only the seventh President of MacDermid in more than 90 years.

Wayne Hewett, Platform’s new President, said, “This move is the natural evolution of the corporate structure of Platform. As members of the Office of the Chairman of Platform, Dan, Martin E. Franklin and I look forward to working with Mr. Benson in his new role taking advantage of his extensive experience.”

Daniel H. Leever, Platform’s Chief Executive Officer, added, “I am very pleased to recognize Scot’s accomplishments by this promotion and I know he will be an outstanding steward of the philosophy and drive performance at MacDermid to an even higher level. His promotion is a testament to our highperforming culture and our deeply-held belief in promoting from within. Additionally, Scot’s new role further enhances our overall management infrastructure, which is critical to the ongoing execution of Platform’s build-up strategy.”

Today, MacDermid also announced the retirement of Mark Hollinger. Mr. Hollinger has successfully led MacDermid’s Offshore Solutions and Autotype businesses and his contributions to the growth of MacDermid are appreciated. Steve Racca will assume the responsibilities for the Offshore Solutions, and the Autotype business will report to Michael Siegmund.

About MacDermid

MacDermid, Incorporated, a Platform Specialty Products Corporation company, is a leading global producer of high technology, specialty chemical products and a provider of technical services. For more than 90 years, MacDermid has manufactured dynamic chemistries, through the blending of raw materials in complex, innovative multi-step technological processes. Additional information on MacDermid and its products and services is available at www.macdermid.com.


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Benjamin H. Gliklich
Vice President, Corporate Development, Finance and Investor Relations
Platform Specialty Products Corporation

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MacDermid introduce zinc-nickel and cobalt-free passivations for brake systems

The two days of the 1st ASEAN BRAKE Conference and Exhibition 2015 culminated in a number of 272 quality participants from throughout the ASEAN countries and overseas. Business connections were established without boundaries as a range of efficient innovations were introduced, this to offer the most up-to-date technical information about braking and brake system to the participants. The participants were a good mix of people within the industry including application engineers, researchers, and academics, management and business owners.