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MacDermidProduct                                    Specification             Color Designation
Black Onyx Contact MacDermid Black
Starlite H61L Black Trivalent Chrome
TriMac CP-200 M4063 Black Trivalent Chrome
Twilite X61A Dark Chrome
NiMac M-Satin Star (Shadow) ZK68 New Matt Chrome
NiMac M-Satin Star (Shadow) + Twilite ZK77 Black Matt Chrome


trimac rm

TriMac RMDesigned to resist the harsh "Russian Mud" (calcium chloride) corrosion conditions whilst also offering a warm and stylish color aspect. TriMac RM has a darker appearance compared to bright chromium. When measured to the Q-Color standard, it compares as follows:

ValueDescriptionTwilite compared to standard bright chromium
L Darker +
*a (-) Green (+) Red +++
*b (-) Blue (+) Yellow +++



GalaxyThe darkest chromium available, Starlite, opens an exciting new dimension in chromium finishing. It's color is described as warm and alluring. The corrosion resistance is excellent, so is suitable for exterior automotive applications . When measured to the Q-Color standard, it compares as follows to traditional bright chromium plate:

ValueDescriptionStarlite compared to standard bright chromium
L Much darker +++
*a (-) Green (+) Red ++
*b (-) Blue (+) Yellow ++

The actual Q-Color range measurements for Twilite, Galaxy and standard bright chromium can be obtained by contacting MacDermid.