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MacDermidProduct                                    Specification             Color Designation
Twilite 205.356 Dark Chrome
NiMac M-Satin Star 47-01-002 Satin Chrome
MaCrome CL3 205.391 Chromium


Nimac M-satin star

NiMac M-Satin StarThe NiMac M-Satin Star nickel process produces a uniform and smooth, medium to heavy satin finish with a gloss level of 10 or less* when measured to the relative Q-Gloss standard . To achieve the high corrosion resistance required to meet exterior automotive specifications, NiMac M-Satin Star can be used in conjunction with semi-bright, high sulfur and microporous nickel systems.

*Depending on the subsequent chromium plating system 


macrome cl3

MaCrome CL3 is a high speed trivalent chromium plating process and has a plating rate of more than 0.1μm per minute. It is specified by designers who require a finish which is both warmer and slightly darker than standard chromium. When measured to the Q-Color standard, it compares as follows to traditional bright chromium plate:trivalent plating

ValueDescriptionGalaxy compared to standard bright chromium                
L Darker +
*a (-) Green (+) Red ++
*b (-) Blue (+) Yellow ++


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