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Q-Klad is MacDermid’s global quality partnership for Fashion Finishes applicators

  • It certifies high quality applicators for Fashion Finishes…Worldwide!
  • It uses new and advanced techniques to ensure the Consistency and Conformance
  • A Global program from a trusted supplier

To become a Q-Klad applicator, companies must adopt the following processes:

  • Supplement engineering based testing (i.e. thickness, CASS, thermal shock) with aesthetic based measurements, for example color and gloss.
  • Maintain their surface finishing processes to ensure consistency by using process control plans.
  • Share test data with MacDermid to aid continuous improvement of the Q-Klad program.

Additionally these platers understand that the decorative automotive supply chain is global in nature. Therefore appearance matching of parts sourced from different locations is a critical part of the Q-Klad program.

Q-Klad Approved Platers

The following companies offer MacDermid dark chromium Fashion Finishes as detailed below. Please contact these companies for further information.

CompanyCountry                LocationChromium system
CTS Flag France St. Claude MaCrome CL3
Logochrome German flag Germany Wingsbach TriMacIII, Twilite
MUI Indonesia fashion finishes Indonesia Jawa Barat Twilite
QPP Union jack UK Birmingham M-Satin Star, Twilite
RMP Italy flag Italy Galliate (NO) Galaxy, TriMacIII
UEP spain flag Spain Navarra Galaxy, TriMacIII


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