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Arlington Plating Company
600 S. Vermont Street
P.O. Box 974
IL 60078-0974

Tel:  847.359.1490 
Fax: 847.359.1499

Contact: sales@arlingtonplating.com

: http://www.arlingtonplating.com/

Finishing systems include:

  • Twilite
  • Galaxy


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Arlington Plating Company (APC) is an ISO-9001 registered company and our processes comply with AIAG CQI-11.  We anticipate being TS-16949 certified by 1Q 2015.

APC Capabilities:

  • Nickel Chrome on Aluminum
  • Nickel Chrome on Magnesium
  • Nickel Chrome on Zinc Die Castings
  • Black Chrome (Twilite and Galaxy)
  • Satin Chrome


Color Specifications (Fashion Finishes):

  • Galvano Silver
  • Dusk Chrome
  • Matte Glossy