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Electro Chemical Finishing (ECF)
2610 Remico SW
Wyoming MI 49509

Tel: (616) 531-0670     
Fax: (616) 531-2440


: http://www.ecfinc.com/

Finishing systems include:

  • Galaxy
  • Onyx
  • TriMacIII
  • TriMac RM
  • Twilite


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  • Decorative Brass Finishing
  • Durable Brass II™ Finishing
  • Decorative Chrome Finishing
  • Gold Finishing
  • Black Pearl Finishing
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Finishing
  • Other Specialty Finishes

Providing Leadership by Example

ECFElectro Chemical Finishing Company’s mission is to create superior customer satisfaction as a Processor of Specialized Finishes and Coatings. Electro Chemical Finishing Company will accomplish its mission by creating continuous improvement in our products and processes with excellence in everything we do.

Setting the Standard for creative and technical excellence, ECF stays at the forefront of the industry by implementing new technologies and processes.  By building highly efficient operations that are also environmentally responsible, ECF has been recognized as the leader in high quality decorative finishes.