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EMI Quality Plating Service, Inc.
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Indiana 47715



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Finishing systems include:

  • Galaxy



At EMI, we strive to become more than just a good supplier. Our goal is to create great business partnerships. We utilize our extensive industry experience and commitment to excellence to insure the success of our partners.

Together we can solve the challenges faced in competing in a global market.

To futher augment the changing needs of our customers, EMI is installing two new, state of the art plating lines, scheduled for producton ramp by October 2008. The lines will be housed in our new building, which is on the same campas as bulding one. EMIThe new finishes are:

  1. Electroless Copper and Electroless nickel on PLASTICS. The parts on this line will be plated in a BARREL APPLICATION. Primary use for this type of platng is for EMI/RF Shielding and wear resistance.
  2. Decorative and functional plating of MAGNESIUM. Finishes will include, but are not limited to; copper, electroless nickel, bright acid tin,and bright electrolytic nickel.

If you are looking for a great business partner that "has the solution" look no further. The expertise wihin the walls of EMI's modern new facility is the answer.

Contact us "Today for Tomorrow's Technolgoies.