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Quaker City Plating, LLC


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11729 E. Washington Blvd.
Whittier, CA 90606-2613

Fax: 562-945-8099


Email: sales@quakercityplating.com
: http://www.quakercityplating.com/

Finishing systems include:

  • Twilite


Quaker City Plating - USA

Decorative Plating

QCP is well known for its high-end decorative plating services and capabilities. We provide decorative metal finishing on a wide variety of products intended for industrial and commercial markets. QCP offers its customers a full range of services with over 100 different finishes to choose from. We have the ability to plate on most metals and plastic substrates. Our craftsmanship, technology, and experience provides the best quality and service available.


Flexibility is the key for our commercial customers. We set the  standard based on your expectations and specifications. We can perform  100% incoming inspection or an AQL audit depending on your needs. All  finished parts will be 100% inspected and audited by our QA staff to  ensure the parts meet your needs. As requirements exist we will provide  the documentation you need such as PFEMA, FEMA, and Control Plans ect  to document the process.

We also have the ability to provide testing services and  documentation for CASS, Salt Spray, Thermal Cycle, Adhesion, and  thickness checks based on ASTM standards.