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Main Headquarters (Detroit)
23751 Amber Avenue
Warren, MI 48089

Tel: +1-586-757-7800
Fax: +1-586-757-8329


: http://www.srgglobal.com/

Finishing systems include:

  • Galaxy


SRG - usa

Although still in our adolescence, SRG Global has deep roots as a Guardian company. Our story begins amidst the Great Depression in a small plant on Detroit’s east side with 20 workers rolling out fewer than 100 windshields a day.

From humble beginnings, the company would weather the financial storm, a world war, and more challenges over the next seven decades to emerge as a global glassmaking giant to the building trades and a top 100 supplier to the worldwide automotive industry. With SRG Global in the fold, we can add another distinction as one of the largest manufacturers of chrome plated plastic parts in the world.

Praiseworthy titles, indeed. But what they represent is more than 75 years of vision and perseverance that made us the global megabrand we are today.