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Lot 394 , Jalan Seelong Jaya 14 , Mukim Senai Kulai , 81400 Seelong, Kulai , Johor, Malaysia

Tel: 075999888

Lot 2034 , Batu 1 , Mukim Tanjung Kupang, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia

Tel : 075104566

Contact:Mr. F L Tuw

Email: FLTU@thosco.com.my
Web : www.thosco.com.my

Finishing systems include:

  • TriMacIII
  • Twilite


Thosco - malaysia

Founded in 1998, Thosco Treatech is among the few exclusive companies that are able to provide a wide range of surface treatment services that meets high quality standards for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Our products are manufactured using acquired foreign technologies, perfected by extensive Research & Development and supplemented by a well-trained skilled workforce to maintain high level of quality and efficiency.