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NiKlad ELV 849 Bright Electroless Nickel


NiKlad ELV 849 bright electroless nickelElectroless Nickel That's Bright And Measurable

You no longer have to sacrifice quality, performance or consistency to meet environmental constraints. NiKlad ELV 849 is designed without lead, cadmium or other controlled materials.

Advantages include:

  • Brightness range from 140 -110 Gloss Units
  • RoHS, ELV, NSF 51 and WEEE compliant
  • Consistent plating rate ranges from 15 - 20 um/hr up to 10 metal turnovers
  • Efficient operation from 70 -120 % of optimum concentration

Assessing the brightness of both conventional and ELV compliant deposits has historically been subjective and variable, depending on how measurements are made. MacDermid has developed a technique to measure brightness more accurately and consistently than ever before.

By using a gloss meter set at a 20 Degree angle, a solid value measured in Gloss Units (GU) can be determined. With an average GU in the 120’s, NiKlad ELV 849 is one of the brightest ELV compliant systems available.

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