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2K Molding 

Molex 23D-MID’s can be created by molding the parts from 2 or more resins with different chemical and physical properties.  This is known as double-shot, or 2K, molding. 

One version of this technology uses a plating catalyst in one of the resins.  This is exposed by etching the finished part chemically.  The areas made from the catalyzed resin can be selectively plated, while the non-catalytic areas are not. 

The other common way of using 2K molding to create MID's is to use resins with different resistance to chemical etching solutions.  The resin with less resistance can be etched to produce a roughened, wetted surface, while the other resin is left intact.  The etched resin can then selectively adsorb a catalyst from solution, enabling selective plating onto only that surface.