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Advanced POP Technology 3D-MID

3D-Molded Interconnect Devices consist of circuit traces embedded onto molded thermoplastics to form electrical pathways and landings for surface mount components.

Designing systems with 3D-MID components allows designers to reduce the size, weight, number of components and complexity and to decrease in assembly times and cost by having fewer components, wires and interconnects to assemble.

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Medical Design Brief

MacDermid's MID processes are specifically designed and optimized to deliver high yields, precise selectivity and ease-of-use for laser direct structuring and double shot molded interconnect devices.

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Cost Reductions

  • Experiment with design of traces and shielding without having to invest in expensive tooling changes
  • Facilitates mass manufacturing



  • Designers can choose from a wider variety of thermoplastic materials
  • Combine electrical and mechanical functionality
  • Maximize the use of space where components are placed at different heights and in different declinations





747 Leaving GroundMID technology eliminates many limitations imposed by traditional metal-based connectors, replacing them with selectively plated moldable plastics and other composite materials.

  • Integrated Connector
  • Radar Filter
  • Interior lighting


Mobile phone antennas are the largest application for MID Smartphonecomponents with hundreds of millions manufactured annually.

  • Mobile device antennas
  • RFID Antennas
  • Notebook & Tablet Antennas



Passenger airbagFacilitates the addition of sensors and driver assistance devices without adding unnecessary weight compared to wiring harnesses

  • Driver Controls
  • Brake Sensors
  • LED Lights



MID electronic applicationsThe increased functionality of MIDs allows manufacturers to differentiate their electronic systems.

  • Lead Frame & Wire Bond Packaging
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Motion Sensors



Medical devicesEmerging demand in the medical market for devices that transmit information from patients at home to doctors in hospitals

  • Glucose meter
  • Hearing Aids
  • Insulin doser

Approved Applicators

MacDermid are currently working in collaboration with the following organizations on this new technology:

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