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Laser Direct Structuring


What this technology offers


  • Circuitry can be imaged with a 3-axis laser on a variety of plastics
  • Allows developers to create more robust, reliable and smaller electronic devices
  • A circuitry pitch of 0.35mm (0.014-inch) and lines and spaces down to 0.10mm (0.004-inch) are possible

This laser-based process consists of a minimal number of manufacturing steps. The part is molded in a standard mold using LDS-grade resin that can be laser activated, the desired interconnect pattern is directly written on the molded part utilizing scanner based laser systems, and the conductive paths are plated using MacDermid MID 100 electroless copper or nickel plating technology. The plating occurs only where the plastic has been activated by the laser.  

LDS Design guideline

Call for new new ideas for LDS from DSM Engineering Plastics, part of Royal DSM