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Iridite EXD

Qualicoat ApprovedMacDermid aluminum passivates

Iridite EXD is an environmentally friendly process developed for the chemical pre-treatment of aluminum and its alloys prior to coating. Its formulation is in complete compliance with  the latest European environmental guidelines (ELV, RoHS, WEEE) and does not contain lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury nor organic or inorganic polymer compounds.

Iridite EXD is a non-chrome conversion coating process that produces an inorganic, almost transparent conversion coating on the degreased and deoxidised aluminum substrate.
This coating will provide the perfect base for adhesion of subsequent paint or powder
systems and will impart a high corrosion resistance to these systems.  Iridite EXD is
suitable for powder coating, wet paint, lacquer and as a base for rubber bonding.

Iridite EXD is also an ideal pre-treatment for zinc-coated steel substrates (HDG)
and zinc based die-castings prior to painting.



  • Qualicoat approved for chromium free pre-treatment - material registration No. A-045
  • GSB Approval (249b)



  • Chrome-free formulation – highly reduced waste water and disposal costs compared to
    conventional chrome pre-treatment systems
  • Typical coating weight 0.10 – 0.15 g/m2
  • Suitable for spray and immersion application
  • High corrosion performance and excellent paint adhesion of subsequent coating system