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New Dimensions A range of innovative cleaners providing reliable water-based alternatives to solvent degreasing.
Sintklin, Masco A range of aqueous based cleaners for the cleaning of components before secondary operations or inspection. Nitrite, formaldehyde and boron free.



Our product ranges


Hot dip galvanizing - Masco, hydroclear

Products for pre and post-treatment of hot dip galvanized parts:

  • Efficient and robust acid and alkaline cleaners to remove oils and greases, reducing contamination and ash levels in the zinc bath
  • Acid inhibitors to reduce acid consumption and to protect base metal, jigs, chains and suspension wires
  • Hydroclear, a chrome free post dip to prevent wet staining and retain gloss and brightness


Inter-Operational Cleaners - Masco, Sintklin, New dimensions

Metal cylinders cleanAqueous cleaners for the engineering and metal working industries:

  • Removal of metal working fluids, coolant, oil, grease, swarf and other shop soils
  • Used prior to inspection, assembly, heat treatment or between operations
  • Nitrite and boron free rust inhibition and formaldehyde-free biocides
  • Suitable for most types of cleaning plant including dunk, spray and immersion
  • Provides a reliable alternative to solvent cleaning