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Paint Pre-Treatmentsphopshate pre treatments

Paint or Powder Coated Finishes depend on the correct pre-treatment for the highest adhesion and corrosion resistance.

The MacDermid pre-treatment range includes cleaners for removing soils, aluminum conversion coatings, zinc phosphates and sealants.

To meet RoHS, WEEE and EOLV directives, our processes include Qualicoat and GSB approved chromium-free systems.

For multi-metal use we have cleaner phosphate systems which can be teamed with high-performance dry in place final seals to provide reliable, cost-effective pre-treatment for painting both steel and light alloys. These can be applied by immersion or spray depending on the application.


Iridite Qualicoat and GSB approved conversion coatings and adhesion promoters for use under paint and powder coating.
New Dimensions A range of innovative cleaners providing reliable water-based alternatives to solvent degreasing.
Sintklin, Masco A range of aqueous based cleaners for the cleaning of components before secondary operations or inspection. Nitrite, formaldehyde and boron-free.



Our product ranges


Paint Pre-Treatments - BlueKote, Iridite, Keykote

paint pretreatmentPaint or Powder Coated finishes cannot achieve the required level of adhesion and corrosion resistance without the correct pre-treatment. MacDermid have a wide range of paint pre-treatment processes including:

  • Cleaners and deoxidisers to remove soils and activate the metal surface
  • Phosphate and heavy metal free systems
  • Zinc phosphates, iron phosphates and conversion coatings to provide a base for painting
  • Dry in place final seals to further enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • Pre-treatments are available for ferrous metals, zinc, aluminium and mixed metals
  • Qualicoat and GSB approved chrome-free systems are also available allowing customers to meet these standards and to comply with RoHS, WEEE and EOLV directives



Inter-Operational Cleaners - Masco, Sintklin, New dimensions

Aqueous cleaners for the engineering and metal working industries:

Metal cylinders clean
  • Removal of metal working fluids, coolant, oil, grease, swarf and other shop soils
  • Used prior to inspection, assembly, heat treatment or between operations
  • Nitrite and boron free rust inhibition and formaldehyde-free biocides
  • Suitable for most types of cleaning plant including dunk, spray and immersion
  • Provides a reliable alternative to solvent cleaning