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Heat Transfer Fluids


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Markets and Applications for Therminol


MacDermid have supported manufacturers using heat transfer systems and fluids for over 30 years.

Including, supplying synthetic and mineral oil based fluids, start-up assistance, fluid analysis, training and fluid maintenance.

As a distributor of Eastman Chemical Company for the Therminol range, MacDermid supply one of the market leading heat transfer fluids in the world.

The Therminol range of heat transfer fluids is based on synthetic, organic products of high purity, working at termperature ranges between -85 Centigrade and 400 Centigrade. Whatever heating or cooling, heat recovery or application in vapour phase requirement you have; MacDermid have the product to meet your need.

A large number of markets and industries benefit from our reliable, stable and environmentally advanced range of Therminol processes.

Your MacDermid Heat Transfer team is here to support you. Let us know what you're interested in learning more about, we'll be delighted to hear from you.

 MacDermid heat transfer fluid - Recommended temperature use ranges

Heat Transfer Fluids