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Therminol® Fluids

MacDermid Enthone have supported manufacturers using synthetic and mineral oil based heat transfer systems and fluids for over 30 years. Our services include start-up assistance, fluid analysis, training and fluid maintenance.

As a distributor of Eastman Chemical Company for the Therminol range, MacDermid Enthone supply one of the market leading heat transfer fluids in the world. You can contact us direct by email, our online form or via our Facebook page. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to receiving your enquiry.


High performance highly stable synthetic fluid


Therminol 66

Therminol 66 offers an extended life and very low top-up rates resulting in reduced running costs and minimal downtime for operations at temperatures up to 345°C. It derives this outstanding performance from the unique stability of the polyphenyl structure.

Therminol 66 is intended for use in systems operating at or near atmospheric pressure and offers potential savings in both capital and operating costs.

Therminol 66 is used world-wide for many processes including:

  • Heating and waste heat recovery applications
  • Resin manufacture
  • Phthalic anhydride distillation
  • Polyester film and fibre production
  • Deodorising fatty acids
  • Phenol production
  • Polyamide polymerisation and extrusion
  • Pre-heating combustion air in the steel and petrochemical furnaces


Mid-range temperature applications for oil & gas processing


Therminol SP

Therminol SP heat transfer medium intended for use in the liquid phase for indirect process heating.

Therminol SP exhibits thermal stability markedly superior to that of mineral oils used for the same purpose, resulting in a favourable cost / performance ratio.

With a viscosity of about 300 mm2/s at -10°C Therminol SP fluid is more readily pumpable at low temperatures than the majority of other mineral oil based fluids.

Liquid phase systems using Therminol SP are finding use in applications which traditionally used steam as heating medium. Savings in capital, running and maintenance costs are often achieved.

Therminol SP applications in process heating include thermal control units for extruders, barge heating, heating of calender rolls, tracing of lines at storage terminals and waste heat recovery systems.


Low temperature pumpability fluid for cold climates


Therminol 59

Therminol 59 is an organic liquid phase heat transfer fluid with excellent low temperature pumping characteristics and sufficient thermal stability to allow prolonged satisfactory operation at fluid bulk temperatures up to 315°C.

Therminol 59 is designed for use in indirect heating systems and is able to deliver efficient, dependable, uniform process heating or cooling without the need for system pressurisation beyond the normal static head requirements of the main circulation pump.

It retains its excellent characteristics at low temperatures down to -39°C (and even below). We recommend Therminol 59 for systems which otherwise would require steam or electric heat tracing.

Suitable for higher temperature applications such as oil reprocessing systems


Therminol 68

Therminol 68 is a high temperature liquid phase fluid with excellent thermal stability.

Therminol 68 was developed for use at temperatures up to 360°C in liquid phase heat transfer systems. Static pressure of about 2 bar should maintain the liquid phase at high temperatures.

Therminol 68 non-corrosive to typical materials of construction, has low odour and good handling characteristics.

The properties of Therminol 68 make it ideally suited for high temperature applications in process and refinery operations, such as providing indirect heat to chemical process, heat recovery from stack gases, as a coolant to remove heat from exothermic reactions and for indirect heating of distillation processes.